Congress Information


Title: 9th World Congress for Hair Research (2015 WCHR)
Dates: November 18-21, 2015
Venue: InterContinental Hotel Miami, 100 Chopin Plaza, Miami, Florida, 33131, USA
Host/Organizer: North American Hair Research Society
Official Language: English

Congress Purpose: The ultimate goal of the World Congress for Hair Research is to offer a comprehensive hair research meeting with our international colleagues to present new research, share experiences, and discuss new directions for the advancement of knowledge in hair growth, hair and scalp disease, and clinical care.

Congress Theme: The theme is “Reflect, Rejuvenate, and REGENERATE” as we reflect on hair follicle regeneration and rejuvenate our minds with new ideas and collaborations.

Congress Logo: The center of the orb is a hair shaft from which swirls emanate. Symbolic nature of the shaft implies the conference is about all aspects that impact hair. Orb is symbolic of the world and convergence of ideas.


Scientific Organizing Committee


Congress Co-Chair: Wilma F. Bergfeld, MD, Cleveland Clinic Foundation
Congress Co-Chair: Angela Christiano, PhD, Columbia University
Congress Associate Chair & Secretary-Treasurer: Maria K. Hordinsky, MD, University of Minnesota
Victoria H. Barbosa, MD, MPH, MBA, Rush University
George Cotsarelis, MD, University of Pennsylvania
Thomas L. Dawson, Jr., PhD, Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR
Valerie Horsley, PhD, Yale University
Luis Garza, MD, PhD, Johns Hopkins University
Lynne J. Goldberg, MD, Boston University
Lloyd E. King, MD, PhD, Vanderbilt Univiserity
Julian Mackay-Wiggan, MD, MS, Columbia University
Sarah E. Millar, PhD, University of Pennsylvania
Bernard P. Nusbaum, MD, University of Miami
Elise Olsen, MD, Duke University
Ricardo Romiti, MD, University of Sao Paulo
Jerry Shapiro, MD, University of British Columbia
John P. Sundberg, DVM, PhD, The Jackson Laboratory
Antonella Tosti, MD, University of Miami
Ken Washenik, MD, PhD, New York University/Bosley

International Advisory Committee


Victoria H. Barbosa, MD, MPH, MBA
Natalie Garcia Bartles, MD
Wilma F. Bergfeld, MD
Gwang Seong Choi, MD, PhD
Angela Christiano, PhD
Nilofer Farjo, MBChB
Luis Garza, MD, PhD
Ramon Grimalt, MD
Maria K. Hordinsky, MD
Chang-Hun Huh, MD, PhD
Satoshi Itami, MD
Leslie Jones, MSc, PhD
Hoon Kang, MD, PhD
Beom Joon Kim
Oh Sang Kwon, MD, PhD
Dong-Youn Lee, MD, PhD
Yang Won Lee
Young Lee
Bark-Lynn Lew, MD, PhD
Kevin Ley
Sundaram Murugusundram, MD
Yuliya Ovcharenko, MD
Bianca Maria Piraccini, MD
Woo-Young Sim, MD, PhD
Rodney Sinclair, MBBS, MD
Antonella Tosti, MD
Ryoji Tsuboi, MD
Ken Washenik, MD, PhD
Patrick Yesudian, MD
Abraham Zlotogorski, MD

Local Organizing Committee


Lawrence A. Schachner, MD, Co-Chair, University of Miami
Antonella Tosti, MD, Co-Chair, University of Miami 

Development Committee


Valerie Callender, MD, Co-Chair
Ken Washenik, MD, PhD, Co-Chair and Board Liaison
Wilma F. Bergfeld, MD
Jeffrey Donovan, MD, PhD
Maria K. Hordinsky, MD
Lloyd King, MD, PhD
Stephen Lyle, MD, PhD
Julian Mackay-Wiggan, MD
Kevin McElwee, PhD
Paradi Mirmirani, MD
Elizabeth Ross, MD
Kim Salkey, MD
Adriana Schmidt, MD
Victoria Ceh, MPA 

2015 WCHR Congress Secretariat


North American Hair Research Society
303 West State Street, Geneva, Illinois, 60134, USA
Tel: 1-630-578-3991; Fax: 1-630-262-1520
Victoria Ceh, MPA, Society Administrator & Program Manager
Jule Uddfolk, CMP, Meetings & Exhibits Manager
Kimberly Miller, Lead Registrar & Headquarters Manager
Sue Reed, Registrar
Katie Masini, Registrar
Jeffrey Miller, Registrar & Technical Support 

Image Credits 

Confocal Images:
(Image 1) Confocal image of nerves, vessels and neuropeptides in and around the stem cell/bulge region of richly-innervated human anagen scalp hair follicle. Science/NSF International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge- TopTen 2005. Marna Ericson and Maria Hordinsky, Dermatology, University of Minnesota. 

(Image 2) Confocal image of rich 3-D vascular network of the bulb region of an actively-growing anagen human scalp hair follicle. Science/NSF International Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge. Finalist 2006. Marna Ericson and Maria Hordinsky, Dermatology, University of Minnesota.
Image 1Image 2