ISHRS Hotel Room Drop Marketing Opportunity


Take advantage of the opportunity to catch the attention of the ISHRS meeting attendees by organizing a room drop. Room drop items are delivered directly to each attendee’s hotel room at the official meeting hotel, Caesars Palace. This is a great way to:
  • Invite them to your booth
  • Feature show specials
  • Highlight a new product
  • Educate attendees on the uses and benefits of your products and services
  • Show your commitment to the ISHRS

The room drops will be delivered to all ISHRS room block guests at Caesars Palace only and will occur on one day only, Thursday, September 29, 2016. This is not an exclusive offer – all ISHRS room drops will be made on that day. The drop will go to ALL rooms in our ISHRS block at Caesars Palace which will be approximately 350 guest rooms, dependent upon final attendance.


  1. The fee for the ISHRS room drop opportunity is as follows:
    For exhibiting companies: $1,500 USD for an envelope (with one page inserted) or one-page flyer, or $2,500 USD for a larger item.
    For non-exhibiting companies: $2,500 USD for an envelope (with one page inserted) or one-page flyer, or $3,500 USD for a larger item.
    Note: The fees listed above entitle you only to the right to make the room drop. The ISHRS will forward a list of approved room drop companies to Caesars Palace.
  2. In addition to the above fee, you will be responsible for:
    • Producing your own room drop materials and delivering them to Caesars Palace in a condition ready to be delivered to the rooms, by the date required, which is Wednesday, September 28, 2016. The hotel will not collate or prepare your materials – they must be provided in a ready to be delivered state.
    • Caesars Palace's room drop fees. Currently, but subject to possible increase, the hotel charges room drops fees of $3.75 per room per single item (flyer or thin envelope – it must fit under the door). Larger item delivery fees will be quoted by the hotel. 
    • Any receiving/handling fees your items may incur at Caesars Palace.
    After your Room Drop Agreement is accepted by the ISHRS, you will be given information from the ISHRS on how to proceed.

Caesars Palace will not accept room drop materials without the consent of the ISHRS.
Guidelines for room drop materials are as follows: (All materials will be checked on-site for compliance to these rules.)


  • The ISHRS logo may not be used on the materials.
  • You may not state or imply that your product or service is endorsed or recommended by the ISHRS.
  • You may not state that your product/service is better than another product or service.
  • ISHRS requires you to forward your room drop piece for review and approval by September 5, 2016. You may email it to Jule Uddfolk at

To participate in the ISHRS Room Drop, complete the online registration via the link on the tab above entitled, “Online Exhibits Registration.” Your registration with payment must be received by August 15, 2016. Please forward any questions you may have to