World Live Surgery Workshop: FUE Immersion

Table Top Exhibitor Information

A limited number of table top exhibits will be available for ISHRS’s World Live Surgery Workshop: FUE IMMERSION (“WLSW”), scheduled to take place October 1-2, 2017, in Polanica Zdroj, Poland.  As of April 18, 2017, there is space for 12 exhibitors. The WLSW is focused on follicular unit extraction (“FUE”).

Each company that seeks to exhibit at the WLSW must complete the Application.  In light of the limited number of table top exhibits available, the ISHRS urges companies to submit their Applications at their earliest opportunity. Only timely Applications will be considered by the ISHRS. Applications will be reviewed, considered, and either granted or denied by the ISHRS in its sole discretion.


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  April 18-May 2: Applications for Exhibit Table will be accepted.
  May 3-14: ISHRS will review and process Applications.
  May 15: Applicants will be notified of Application decisions
  May 16-June 6: Applicants granted one of the table top exhibits (“Exhibitor”) must complete ISHRS’s online application process, and pay the Fee (defined below) online.


FEE: $4,000.00 USD


  • 1 exhibit table
  • Welcome reception, 1 day Lunch (the exhibit day in the hotel), Folk Party in the Park, and Final Party (for 2 Exhibitor representatives)
  • Listing on Congress website, WLSW page: (specific listing to be determined by ISHRS)
  • Listing in program materials (specific listing to be determined by ISHRS)
  • Inclusion on attendee worksheet entitled, “Instrument Comparison Handout”, if applicable. (specific listing, if any, to be determined by ISHRS)


  • This Application is for table top exhibits only. 
  • A maximum of 2 company representatives is permitted at each Exhibitor’s exhibit table.
  • Exhibition is scheduled to proceed on Sunday/October 1, 2017, and Monday/October 2, 2017.
  • Of the 12 Exhibitors, 6 will exhibit in the primary Hotel (“Hotel”) on Sunday (Oct. 1st) morning, and in the designated Hospital on Monday (Oct. 2nd) afternoon.  The other 6 Exhibitors will exhibit in the Hospital on Sunday (Oct. 1st) afternoon, and in the Hotel on Monday (Oct. 2nd) morning.
  • Each day, the program will take place in the Hotel in the morning, and in the Hospital in the afternoon.  See Program At-A-Glance.
  • Among various other criteria, ISHRS is seeking Exhibitors who will provide a hands-on opportunity to attendees at their exhibit table (e.g., try a FUE device, try to use implanters on a synthetic model, etc.). 
  • The ISHRS anticipates there will be 200 to 250 attendees.
  • The ISHRS will arrange to reserve certain blocks of rooms at the Hotel, and other hotels, for attendees to reserve on their own.  The morning daily lectures, exhibits, and lunch will occur at the Hotel.  The afternoon live surgery programs will take place in the Hospital. Information about making hotel reservations will be shared after company is confirmed to exhibit.
  • ISHRS will notify Exhibitors regarding table sizes.  Exhibitors may wish to ship exhibit items to their representatives’ rooms at the hotel, or carry the items with them.  Any delivery, storage, or related costs are the Exhibitors’ sole responsibility.
  • Standard hotel or hospital ambient lighting will be provided.  Additional lighting or electrical requests are the Exhibitor’s responsibility.  The ISHRS’s meeting planner will contact each Exhibitor to confirm the details of its planned exhibit.