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Indicate the exhibit or room drop category that applies to your company below.  Exhibitors will have the option to add a room drop option later in your registration process.  For more information about the room drop opportunity, go to the Welcome and Downloads section.  There are only three opportunities for room drops this year, so sign up today!

For booths, you may elect to submit the full payment now, or 50% with the remainder due by August 1, 2014.  If assigned space is not paid-in-full by August 1, 2014, it may be reassigned, sold, or cancelled by the ISHRS.

One Exhibit Booth (Full Payment)   $3,250.00 
Two Exhibit Booths (Full Payment)   $6,500.00 
Three Exhibit Booths (Full Payment)   $9,750.00 
Four Exhibit Booths (Full Payment)   $13,000.00 
No booth. I would like the Room Drop option only.