To begin your registration read the descriptions below then CLICK your appropriate category:

National Board Member

National Board members include elected National Officers, Past National Presidents, Henrietta Szold Board members, and other elected National Board members. National Board members are automatic delegates.

National Portfolio Council Member

National Portfolio Council members are automatic delegates.

National Assembly Member

National Assembly members include the National Board, the National Portfolio Council, former National Board members, President’s Council, Honorary Council members, Committee Chairs and members, and National Service members. Please only check this box if you are in any of these categories described for the National Assembly except for the categories of National Board or National Portfolio Council each of which has its own separate registration box. National Assembly members are not automatic delegates unless such women are part of the National Portfolio Council, National Board, or Honorary Council members. All other members of the National Assembly need to be elected as a delegate by their Chapter.

Member (affiliated with a local unit)

Members who wish to be delegates must be duly elected as a delegate by your Chapter. In addition, if you are a member of the Honorary Council or a Vice-President of a Region, you are an automatic delegate.

National Member (not affiliated with a local unit) 

National Hadassah permits National Members to serve as delegates to the National Business Meeting in proportion to their membership as determined by the National Board. If you are interested in applying for delegate status (so that you can be eligible to attend the National Business Meeting), please contact the National Secretary’s Office at Hadassah House: 212-303-8185.