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We live music!
At Westminster College of the Arts of Rider University rigorous and intensive training in music prepares graduates for careers in voice performance, voice pedagogy, music theater, music education, sacred music and beyond.  Our students, both undergraduate and graduate, are part of a challenging and nurturing community of gifted musicians, studying and performing in an atmosphere that encourages personal, professional and musical growth.

41st NATS Artist Awards Competition for Singers Sponsor of the Winner's New York Solo Recital Debut
The Art of Performance - The Power of Education

Pre-Banquet Reception Sponsor

Daynes Music Company
Steinway Experts since 1873
6935 S State Street
Midvale, UT 84047
store: 801-566-6090

NATS Foundation
Vernon Yenne, President
Sponsor of the NATS Artist Award Final Competition Intermission Reception

NATS Cal-Western Region
Karen Brookens, Governor
Grand Sponsor of the Grand Opening Night Reception
NATS Mid-South Region
Marjorie Bennett Stephens, Governor
Co-Sponsor of the Grand Opening Night Reception

NATS North Central Region
Anne Christopherson, Governor
Co-Sponsor of the Grand Opening Night Reception

NATS Southeastern Region
Toni Anderson, Governor
Sponsor of Conference Bag Merchandise

American Academy of Teachers of Singing
Jan Douglas, Chair
Coffee Break Sponsorship

NATS Eastern Region
Norman Spivey, Governor
Coffee Break Sponsor

NATS Northwestern Region
Gwenellyn Leonard, Governor
Coffee Break Sponsor

NATS Texoma Region
Deborah Williamson, Governor
Coffee Break Sponsor