Precon #1 - Hazardous Materials Team Tactical Operations - Developing the Tactical Plan

This program will present practical models and methodology to conduct hazardous material incident analysis and develop tactical operational plans to be able to safely and effectively direct HAZMAT Team operations in order to mitigate hazards. Workshop participants will apply proven models to accurately analyze hazards, determine incident risks and plan tactical operations. Four incident scenarios will be presented sol that participants can apply their knowledge and skills to realistic hazardous material problems.  Working in small groups the participants will be able to develop and present a Tactical and Safety Plan Briefing for each of the scenarios.

Topics to be addressed include behavior of hazardous materials, identifying vulnerable exposures, determine level of risk to the community, applying detection and monitoring data, identifying tactical  options, and determining tactical control objectives.

Session Limited to 24 participants

Presenter: Jim Graham, Deputy Fire Chief (Retired)

Precon #2 - TRANSCAER: Taming the Tiger in the Tank - Tactics and Response for Anhydrous A

This Precon will be a half-day classroom setting, followed by a half-day day field training to be held at Virginia Beach Fire Training Center (1 day)

This 8 hour program will focus on the strategies and tactics necessary for managing incidents involving anhydrous ammonia. The program includes half day classroom instruction on anhydrous ammonia properties, containers, types of releases, real life cloud modeling, control/contain tactics, and safety considerations.  Following a safety briefing, the second half of the day will include live agent (anhydrous ammonia) release training, primarily performing operations for control and containment. 

Presenters:  David Binder, Tanner Industries and Ray Haring, Virginia Dept of Emergency Management

Precon#3 - Hands-On HAZMAT

Note:  This will be a 4 hour class to be repeated (AM & PM).  It will be held at the Virginia Beach Training Center.

This class will be hands-on, realistic, and fun. Students will be taken into the field and perform a variety of tasks designed to improve their skills in a realistic learning environment. Veterans and rookie hazmat team members will be challenged by practical skills and real-time scenarios which will not only give the student a new mind set but also experiences to take back to their respective teams. This is a working class and physically challenging.  Course will utilize Level A suits, SCBA, props, and realism. Class open to all levels willing to work through challenges as a team and become better down range HazMat team members.

Presenter:  Phil Ambrose, Bob Coschignano and Bill Bennett

Precon#4 - Norfolk Southern Safety Train

Note:  This is a 4 hour class to be repeated (AM & PM).  It will be held at Norfolk Southern's Red Gate Facility.

In April 2016, Norfolk Southern dedicated their new safety train. This train, including locomotive, two box car classrooms, four tank cars, and two specially equipped flat cars were designed to provide in-depth hands-on training to responders who may find themselves involved with railroad incidents.

The Safety Train will be in Norfolk, Virginia during the week of September 13. For those attending the Virginia Hazardous Materials Conference, Norfolk Southern will be hosting two special training sessions. The four-hour training sessions will focus on responder safety while working on railroad property, rail shipping documents, rail equipment identification, rail tank cars, and locomotive fires. The session will conclude with hands-on practical activities involving the repair of leaking valves and fittings.

Responders are requested to bring hard hats, safety glasses, leather work gloves, and steel-toe safety footwear.

Presenter: Paul Williams, Regional Manager – Hazardous Materials, Norfolk Southern Corporation.

Precon#5 - Sensors In the Sky - Utilizing Small Unmanned Aerial Systems in Hazmat Response

The remote acquisition of information with the use of aerial robotic systems is invaluable to the responders before, during and after a HazMat incident. This presentation will discuss the uses of UAS, instruction on how to implement and integrate sUAS at a proponent level, review current rules and regulations associated with the safe operation of drone technologies and the steps necessary to establish a program, differences in device design and technology, current capabilities and how the systems provide timely data.

Presenter: Darren Goodbar, Piedmont Virginia Community College